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Don’t wait for the crisis to strike; be proactive with LionCarePro from Lion Digital Marketing.

Often overlooked, website maintenance becomes crucial when things go awry. That’s why we offer our comprehensive and versatile solution, designed to cater to all your website maintenance needs.

Like a cherished child with many names, LionCarePro ensures the optimal performance and security of your website. Experience peace of mind and proactive maintenance with LionCarePro.

LionCarePro by Lion Digital Marketing: Your Digital Superhero

When digital chaos strikes, Lion Digital Marketing emerges as the superhero your website needs. With a remarkable track record of rescuing websites from the brink, we’ve conquered failed updates, broken changes, and even cyber-attacks. Our extensive expertise spans years, making us the true authority in the realm of website maintenance.

Introducing LionCarePro, our website maintenance package—a comprehensive solution that encapsulates the wisdom we’ve gained from our time in the trenches. This service goes beyond troubleshooting; it’s about creating a secure, updated, and efficient online environment for your business.

Consider it your digital safety net. We fortify your website with state-of-the-art protocols, ensure it stays current with the latest technology and trends, and maintain vigilant performance monitoring. If anything goes awry, we’ll be the first to know—and take immediate action. We don’t merely fix problems; we anticipate them, keeping your digital presence robust and reliable.

With Lion Digital Marketing’s LionCarePro, your website is more than just maintained—it’s enhanced, optimized, and constantly improved. It’s a “set and forget” solution, backed by our diligent team’s watchful eye. Your focus can remain on growing your business, knowing that your online platform is primed for success.

Join us now and experience the unparalleled peace of mind that comes from having your website in the hands of true superheroes. LionCarePro by Lion Digital Marketing—your trusted guardian of the digital realm.

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Content of package

The package contains the following features:

Monthly Reports on Updates, SEO Ranking, Uptime and much more

Manage Updates, Plugins, Themes

Automated Backup Onsite And Offsite

Automated Performance Checks

Automated Security Checks

Analytics Integration

Vulnerability Updates

SEO Ranking

Uptime Monitor

Link Monitor

The Importance of Vigilance


In the high-speed digital age, every byte of data matters. A minor overlook or a slight error can turn into a significant setback for your business.

The online space is an attractive frontier for many, fostering a fierce competition that sometimes prioritizes aesthetics over accuracy. It’s all too common to see corners being cut and results embellished just to get an edge.

However, with Lion Digital Marketing’s Super Website Maintenance package, you can rise above these challenges. We offer you transparency and comprehensive care. Instead of relying on generic server tools, you get detailed, handcrafted reports.

Our reports encompass everything you need to know: updates performed, updates needed, critical errors, SEO ranking, and more. Each piece of information is meticulously curated and packed into a single, easy-to-understand report.

Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and free up your time, so you can focus on growing your business. Rest easy knowing that we’re on guard, ensuring your website remains unbroken and your links consistently operational.

In this digital realm, we’ve got your back. To join the ranks of our satisfied customers and take advantage of our Super Website Maintenance, simply fill out our contact form. Let Lion Digital Marketing be the reliable partner your online business deserves.

For maximum effectiveness, your site needs to be secured from internal as external errors.

  • Website Downtime Frequency: The number of websites experiencing downtime varies widely and depends on factors such as website type, server infrastructure, maintenance level, and traffic volume.
  • Potential Costs: According to a 2016 report by ITIC, 98% of organizations report an hour of downtime costs over $100,000. For 81% of businesses, this cost exceeds $300,000. Large businesses and enterprises may face costs in the millions for an hour of downtime.
  • Additional Damages: Beyond financial costs, downtime can harm a business’s reputation and diminish customer trust.
  • Prevention: Experts recommend investment in reliable hosting, robust website design, and regular maintenance to minimize the risk and impact of website downtime.

Please note: The statistics above were reported in 2016, and current figures may vary. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the latest industry research.

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