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How To Improve Your Content Writing

So you finally have your new website designed and built. The graphics, videos and visuals are spectacular but still you are getting a low conversion rate, why is this?

Your expensive new site may have been created by technically superb designers, but the message and content contained within the site is another matter.

Why have an F1 car with an under performing saloon engine? Video’s and graphics are an important part to initially grab attention and most good IT men can deliver this part of your site, but to hold your audience’s attention and make them take action requires well written and informative content.

Writing such content requires a completely different skill set, and to be honest most website designers who do not have a comprehensive command of the English language should not even attempt it.

Native English Writers

This is why so many Non-English sites fail when they attempt to fill their site with English content that is not written by a professional.

Here at Lion Digital, our content writers are professional English Nationals, who have years of expertise in writing SEO blogs and content.

Similarly, if your existing website seems to be faltering and needs that boost of vim and vigour to enliven it again, then perhaps you should consider outsourcing your content writing.

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Web Copy Writing Tips

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your content writing:

  • Your audience needs to find what they need and move on, give them enough content to satisfy and provide a clear path for action.
  • Ensure that your content takes the customer logically from one page to another.
  • Always make sure that your content is professionally written. Do not misspell words, use correct grammar, do not waffle. Your content should be clear and informative, your credibility takes a big hit when you publish sub standard content on your site.
  • Use energetic and descriptive words as much as possible, active writing engages the audience.
  • Make good use of analytics tools to research topics people are searching for on your site. Then add more relevant information in this field.

Copywriting vs. Copyrighting

Good content is so vitally important to any site, and because of this it is recommended that you use a professional copywriter to deliver your message.

Copywriting is the process of professionally written content for marketing purposes, do not confuse this with copyrighting which is the process of obtaining a copyright or a legal protection for content.

Superior content can bring a level of entertainment for your customers and other website visitors. But High Quality content does MUCH MORE than this, it pushes your site up the rankings and generates an increase in business for your company.

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