Technical SEO Recommendations

Getting to Grips with On-Site Technical Recommendations

Are you confused that your once high ranking site does not appear to be ranking as high as it once was?

Perhaps you have tweaked one or two things and still no discernible impact seems to be occurring.

Then it is time for you to review every component that contributes to your site, highlight the poorly performing areas and act accordingly.

At Lion Digital we provide a high quality Recs service that will basically give your site a Warrant of Fitness or as as the Brits say an MOT.

We utilise analytics data and rich user profiles to recommend exactly the right content to exactly the right visitors.

Three of the main benefits to be attained by using a site recommendations service are:

  • Recs identify what affects your site’s rankings
  • Recs give direction to your online marketing strategies
  • Recs provide feedback on your links

Evaluating the search engine friendliness of a content management system (CMS) is something you should seriously take into consideration. A bad CMS will send all your SEO efforts the wrong way, while a good CMS will give the opposite reaction.

A Recs evaluation will provide concrete instructions to follow in order to improve your web site’s viability.

Recommendations should be implemented directly on your site, either by yourself or preferably by experts such as Lion Digital Marketing.

Do You Want More New Business?

A technical SEO Audit from Lion Digital Marketing will help you to raise the profile of your website.

What Factors Does A Recs Audit Take Into Consideration?

  • Content of page
  • Title Tags
  • URL Structure
  • SEO best practices
  • Image ALT text
  • Meta Descriptions

An ideally optimised web page should do the following:

  • Be relevant to your specific topic
  • Include subject in Title Tag
  • Include subject in URL
  • Include subject in Image ALT Text
  • Specify subject several times throughout text
  • Provide unique content about subject
  • Link back to category page
  • Link back to sub-category page
  • Link back to homepage

A web site is a living thing that needs to be constantly updated with fresh content, current news about the subject and constantly monitored to assess it’s performance.

A regular on-site Recs assessment will give you exactly this, so if you are concerned about your site then act now and contact Lion Digital Marketing, we can offer a perfect solution to all your on-site Recs needs.