Technical SEO Optimisation

The Importance Of Good Structure To A Website

To encapsulate the title, the better your site structure, the better your chance of higher ranking in the search engines.

The primary goal for the structure of your website is to help users find the information they want and in the fastest possible way. It should also enable search engines to crawl the site and to point them to different signals so: they understand what your site is all about and to convince the bots (search engine crawlers) that it is a top quality site, suitable to rank higher in their index.

Why Is Structure So Important?

  • A good site structure enhances user experience

No matter what bells and whistles, videos, images and the like your site has, good site design is really about a great structure.

Users in the main get bored very quickly, you must make it easy for them to logically navigate the site, find things and take action.

Google’s algorithm uses information gathered from searchers to rank your site. If your site has poor CTR’s and low dwell time, it will not perform well in the SERPs. An accurate site structure can reduce bounce rate and improve dwell time, both of which will lead to improved rankings.

  • A good site structure provides your site with links

Sitelinks are a listing format in SERPs that show your site’s main page along with internal links.

Sitelinks are a huge SEO advantage. They increase the navigability of your site, point users to the most relevant information, increase your brand’s reputation, improve user trust, help you dominate SERPs, increase clickthrough rate, and shorten the conversation funnel. This is how Important good structure is.


How Good is Your Site Structure?

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  • Good structure enhances crawling

Googlebot and other crawlers crawl your site’s structure, they index the content in order to return it in search results. The better your site structure, the easier the crawlers can access and index the content.

Crawlers will have a far easier time accessing, crawling, indexing and returning the pages of a site with strong structure.

  • Good structure is the basis of good SEO

Your site’s structure paves the way for SEO success, perhaps without a good site structure, it would be difficult to ever have SEO success.

Strong site structure gives your site an everlasting and unbreakable SEO foundation that will provide you with vast amounts of organic search.