Getting to Grips with On-Site Technical Recommendations

by | Jan 27, 2022

Getting to Grips with On-Site Technical Recommendations

Are you feeling a sense of frustration that you’re once “high ranking site” no longer ranks in its former position?

You may have tried to tweak your site, but it’s still not achieving your desired or previous ranking?

Now is the time to obtain an independent full “site recommendations review” highlighting the underperforming areas of your site with the measures and actions to rectify the issues.

At Lion Digital our professional team provides a recommendations service that you can be confident will deliver a Warranty of Fitness.

We use a number of industry tools encompassing analytics data and rich user profiles to examine your site’s metrics and content data, as well as an analysis of your goals and target market.

Example benefits of using a site recommendations service:

  • Identification of the areas that negatively affect your site’s rankings
  • Advice on the direction to your online marketing strategies
  • Professional evaluation, analytics and feedback on your links

Evaluating the search engine friendliness of content is a proven strategy. Poorly written content reduces the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Content is King in the SEO and website performance world, and your site must engage your visitors, moving them through your site to that all important call to action

Recommendation strategies implemented directly on your site, either by yourself or preferably by a partner Marketing Agent, will deliver results.

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A technical SEO Audit from Lion Digital Marketing will help you to raise the profile and ranking of your website.

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Our Recommendations Audit focuses on:

  • The content elements of the page
  • Title Tag
  • URL Structure
  • SEO best practices and strategies
  • Image ALT text
  • Meta Descriptions

A fully optimized web page should:

Be relevant to your specific topic

  • Include your subject matter in Title Tag and the URL
  • Include subject in Image ALT Text
    Specify subject several times throughout text
  • Provide unique and engaging content
  • Link back to category page
  • Link back to sub-category page
  • Link back to homepage

A website is almost a living breathing organism that needs feeding. It needs fresh content, industry news, and clean relevant images. Constant monitoring to assess its performance is vital to achieving a higher ranking page delivering more visitors.

A regular on-site assessment will give you confidence that your website is running with optimum performance and is delivering a ROI.

You have a great marketing tool that should be delivering new leads or customers.

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